We have puppies

Austin and Agnes decided to have puppies, I was left out of this meeting and did not even receive memo… So accidental mating and not planned by me. But all together combination that could have been made what so ever. Health tested as well as mental tested parents so all well that ends well.

See more on puppies.


To make it easier to figure out (for myself also) how our dogs and breeding are related, created chart.

Again, puppies!

Agnes’ pups were born 11.6. and they have found homes.
All have their own pages and can be found at litters -page.

Health results

Some of the breeding have had their health checks done, and results have been out for a while. (Good thing there are kennel club databases where results can be seen immediately since I am so lazy to make posts…)

Presley -litter (Sunwind’s Hocus Pocus – H. It Matters to Me)
H. Do Not Disturb, in Sweden, HD D

Idioms 2 (H. What’s It to You – Millwill’s Another Kiss)
H. Fake It Till You Make It, in Sweden, HD A

Idioms 1 (H. Finders Keepers Losers Weepers – Millwill’s Another Kiss)
H. Method to My Madness HD A, ED 0/0
H. All the Marbles HD D/C, ED 0/0


Litter born 8th February.
One baby girl remains.

Expecting puppies, due at the beginning of February.
More information behind the link:
Austin & Frilla