This and that

Elvis, H. Return to Sender to Joshren at Daliyhaa, has collected couple of res Green Stars as well as second Green Star. Five more to go towards his title.

Ivan, H. Do Not Disturb, got “new” photos taken during summer.  Developed nicely and I gather Viola has planned MH for him as well as some x-rays.

Austin, H. What’s It to You, visited EDS 2018 in Warsaw. Excl 3 in open class. Results are perhaps even more that I dared to hope for.

Lyyli, Millwill’s Another Kiss, has spent her holiday with us having new photos taken.

Double Joensuu

Show weekend at the home town.

Saturday 26.5.2018 International Dog Show, judge Ferdinando Asnaghi (IT)
Morgan, H. It Matters to Me, BB2, CAC -> Finnish Champion, r-CACIB – > CACIB

Sunday 27.5.2018 All Breed Dog Show, judge Birte Scheel (DK)
Austin, H. What’s It to You, BM2, CAC
Finn, H. Finders Keepers Losers Weepers, BM4, r-CAC
Morgan, H. It Matters to Me, BOS
Tulla, H. Well Kept Secret, BB3, CAC

Breeders class BOB

4 CAC’s on offer, we got 3 of them. Not bad.