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Showing here and there

Since last post we have been showing here and there.
28.5. Joensuu CACIB show, 4th Best Bitch with CC, judge Zsolt Lokodi
29.5. Joensuu All Breed show, again 4th Best Bitch with r-CC, judge Johnny Andersson
19.6. Rovaniemi CACIB show, 2nd Best Bitch with CC and r-CACIB, judge Nina Karsldotter

2.6. Finnish Collie Association’s Speciality Show judges Steve Barrett (dogs) and Lisa Pettit (bitches)
Morgan Exc 1, CQ in intermediate class
Austin 4th in baby puppy dog class
Pallo 1st, HP in baby puppy bitch class and 2nd best puppy bitch.

In Piteå 15.7. at the speciality show Austin managed to be BIS-puppy of 6-9 months old ones. We even have photo to prove.
Austin being BIS-puppy
Morgan was there too, 3rd Best Bitch, judge George Schogol for both.

Next day puppies were judged by Gunnar Norlin. Austin BOB-puppy.
In Connie Readhead’s ring Morgan 3rd in open class with CQ.

Helsinki CACIB show 11.5.2013

Nice, sunny day at the show with nice results.
Breed judge Eva Eriksson, group judge Johan Juslin
Hawkfield’s Lessons Learned, “Holly”, exc 4 CQ in big open class.
Hawkfield’s Well Kept Secret, “Tulla”, 3rd best bitch, CC.

Our guests for the weekend had even better day
Karen Jondahl’s “Basil”, Shep’s Gonzales Que Guapo, was BOB, CACIB, CC and BIG2.
Congratulations once again Karen!

Girls got nice critiques:


Feminine bitch with style. Very beautiful silhouette. Beautiful head and expression. Could have a little more stop. Nice ears. Beautiful neck. Excellent body and bone structure with good angulations. The black spot on the right side could be better broken up. Beautiful well presented coat. Free light movements. Lovely attitude.


Feminine, classic beauty. Beautiful, well shaped head, beautiful expression with ears on top. Beautiful neck and topline. Excellent body with nice angulations. Excellent, beautiful color and coat which is very well presented. Ground covering free movement. A bitch with many breed details to her credit.

Holly, Basil & Tulla