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“Puppies” grow

Finally some new photos of Cooper and Morgan on their own pages.
Like friend of mine said, they grow like hay.

Another year is over and it has given us joy and sorrow.
Joy in shape of the puppies and sorrow on the losses of dear ones.
Hawkfield’s Dalwhinnie 15.3.2002 – 10.6.2014
Downmoore Carried Away 02.06.2003 – 15.10.2014

I hope all the best for the year 2015!

Nothing new done

It seems that gallery update will wait and since nothing else will happen, had to make some lay out changes. At least can say that have updated pages sometimes…

Year has changes a while ago, so some summary might be in order. Nothing much happend 2012 (these years start to repeat them selves). All dogs managed to stay alive and puppy plans went wrong when Päärynä had severe pyo just 3 weeks after mating. It already seemed that she will not cope, but after hard, and expensive, period she recovered fully. After all this, and the problems that seemed to follow with next seasons when she was tried to mate, she will not be used for breeding.

Tulla, Hawkfield’s Well Kept Secret, entered some shows gaining 2 CC’s and 1 r-CACIB. Mental test did not go as planned, and she failed gun shots. That seems to be all what we managed to do during whole year.

Tulla, autumn 2012, 3 years.