Hawkfield’s Made of Money


born 12.07.2015
tricolour female

crd/cea-free, HD A, ED 0/0
N/DM, MDR1 +/-

mental test:
+1b, +1b, -1, -2, +1b, +2, +1
+113, unfamiliar for shots

Ch Shep’s Heaven Send Ch Shep’s True Temptation Ch Iracle’s So Supreme Sure
Shep’s High Born
True and Trusty Xinging Your Song Ch Domingo Duke de Monds
Ch Lynnfield Made for Trusty
Millwill’s Another Kiss Steadwyn Classic Backup Number-One
Steadwyn Magic Mirror
Ch Golden MIst Still Loving You Ch Steadwyn Mahogny Hit
Wicani Magic by Moonlight

Hawkfield's Made of Money