HD ED eyes teeth medication else
Downmoore Flame of Fame B/C 0/0 crd +1 P1 mukometra
Downmoore Pearl of North C/A 0/0 cea-free full dentation
Downmoore Angel of Mine crd/cea-free full dentation, narrow bite put down due aggressive behauvior
Remo C/C cea-free full dentation IBD?
Witchmoor’s Just a Gigolo B/B 0/0 coloboma full dentation
Shep’s You Are so Precious A/A crd -1 I1 due accident megacolon
Mer-Las Natural Lady (WHWT) clear missing P-teeth knees 0/0
Sinatra -litter
(14.7.2003, Hawkfield’s Spirit O’Barksdale x Downmoore Flame of Fame)
Hawkfield’s Little White Lies B/A 0/1 crd/cea-free hernia umbilicalis † 28.9.2007
blm male hydrocephalus, put down at 3 weeks
Frozen -litter
(14.7.2009, Joshren Ole King Cole x Shep’s You Are So Precious, AI using frozen semen, C-section
Hawkfield’s Lessons Learned C/C 0/0 cea-free full dentation † 25.08.2015
Hawkfield’s Well Kept Secret A/A 0/0 cea-free -1 P4
Broadway -litter
(1.7.2010, Houm Tet-a-Tet Maradona x Shep’s You Are So Precious)
Hawkfield’s Must Have Been High crd exported to Poland
Hawkfield’s Gotta Go My Own Way B/A 0/0 crd/cea-free full dentation DM/DM
Hawkfield’s This Nearly Was Mine cea-free exported to Denmark † 18.6.2012
Hill -litter
(12.7.2014, Moonraider’s Dark and Handsome x Hawkfield’s Well Kept Secret)
Hawkfield’s Take Me as I am D/D 0/0 cea-free full dentation
Hawkfield’s It Matters to Me A/A 0/0 crd/cea-free full dentation
Money -litter
(12.7.2015, Shep’s Heaven Send x Millwill’s Another Kiss, AI using chilled semen)
Hawkfield’s Made of Money A/A 0/0 crd full dentation
Tailor Made -litter
(12.1.2016, Be Exclusive’s On a Winter Night x Hawkfield’s Well Kept Secret)
Hawkfield’s What’s It to You A/A 0/0 cea-free full dentation
Hawkfield’s Where I Come From crd full dentation
Hawkfield’s Makes Me Wonder A/A 0/0 crd full dentation
Hawkfield’s This is Me E/E crd full dentation caputa amputation
† 04.04.2019
acute pneumothorax
Presley -litter
(8.4.2017, Sunwind’s Hocus Pocus x Hawkfield’s It Matters to Me)
Hawkfield’s Do Not Disturb crd full dentation exported to Sweden
Hawkfield’s Doin the Best I Can crd full dentation
Hawkfield’s Finders Keepers Losers Weepers B/C 0/0 cea-free -1 C1 shorter due accident
Hawkfield’s Patch it Up crd full dentation
Hawkfield’s Return to Sender cea-free full dentation exported to Ireland
Hawkfield’s Poison Ivy League B/B 0/0 crd full dentation
Malt -litter
(15.3.2002 Donut’s Captain Carlos x Mer-Las Natural Lady)
Hawkfield’s Knockando clear missing several P-teeth knees 0/0
Hawkfield’s Clynelish † 31.07.2003 accident
Hawkfield’s Dalwhinnie clear missing several P-teeth knees 0/0
Hawkfield’s Glenfiddich tail knick
Hawkfield’s Lahproaig
Spayside -litter
(16.10.2006 White Villan Musketeer x Hawkfield’s Dalwhinnie)
Hawkfield’s Dailuaine yeast infections