Hawkfield’s Dalwhinnie

Hawkfield's Dalwhinnie



white female, eyes & knees clear

owners: Tiina, Paula ja Emmi Havukainen

Fin Est Ch BaltW-00, NordW-01 Donut’s Captain Carlos Ch Alborada Garcihernandes Ch Ashgate Clanchnaharrry
Ch Alborada Purest
Ch Shiness Articberry Ch Afterall
Ch Ashgate Shinness
Mer-Las Natural Lady Fin Ch Raijaj Call Me Al Spears Mafioso
Raijaj Not Apennyless
Perhaps Pearl of Pusta H JunCh Happy White Emperor
Fin S Ch Times Flash in the Pan

Hawkfield's Dalwhinnie

Essi’s litter with Ch White Villan Musketeer Hawkfield’s Spayside-litter

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