Imatra IDS 31.03.2018

Austin, H. What’s It to You, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Morgan, H. It Matters to Me, 3rd best bitch

Judge Zorica Blomqvist (SE)

Lahti IDS 24.03.18

Austin, H. What’s It to You, 2nd best male CAC, r-CACIB (-> CACIB).
Judge John R. Walsh (IR)

photo Tea Lemmetyinen

Title confirmed

Tulla’s C.I.B title has been confirmed. Rather happy bunny breeder.

First homebred champion

Tulla, Hawkfield’s Well Kept Secret, finished her C.I.B title in Denmark.
Double IDS Roskilde, 29.-30.4.
On the first day she was BOS with CC and CACIB and on the second 3rd best bitch gaining r-CC and r-CACIB -> CACIB and therefore new C.I.B.

Puppies are growing and we have two males available.