Eyes, check!

Due recently discovered PRA cases in Sweden and Norway (all rough collie males sharing some same relatives in their pedigrees) I found it reasonable to have my older ones eye checked.

Millwill’s Another Kiss, nearly 10 yrs, no sign of PRA / vitreous degeneration
Hawkfield’s It Matters to Me, 8 yrs, no sign of PRA
Hawkfield’s What’s It to You, 7 yrs, no sign of PRA
Hawkfield’s Makes Me Wonder, 7 yrs, no sign of PRA
Hawkfield’s Finders Keepers Losers Weepers, nearly 6 yrs, no sign of PRA

Austin and Pallo’s litter brother Jedi was also eye checked soon after my bunch
Hawkfield’s Where I Come From, no sign of PRA

Elvis, Hawkfield’s Return to Sender to Joshren at Daliyhaa was checked 05/2022, no sign of PRA, and I decided that to be recent enough for now.

Who ever reads this, please take your collies to an official eye check. More information is needed.

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