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Idioms 2 -litter, 22.02.2019 / rough collie

Ch Hawkfield’s What’s It to You  –  Millwill’s Another Kiss

blm female Hawkfield’s Fake It Till You Make It

Idioms -litter, 22.02.2019 / rough collie

Hawkfield’s Finders Keepers Losers WeepersMillwill’s Another Kiss

blm male Hawkfield’s All The Marbles
blm male Hawkfield’s Much of a Muchness
blm male Hawkfield’s No Rhyme or Reason
tri female Hawkfield’s Method to my Madness

Presley -litter, 08.04.2017 / rough collie

Ch Sunwind’s Hocus PocusCh Hawkfield’s It Matters to Me

blm male Hawkfield’s Do Not Disturb
blm male Hawkfield’s Doin’ the Best I Can
blm male Hawkfield’s Finder’s Keepers Losers Weepers
blm male Hawkfield’s Patch it Up
tri male Ch Hawkfield’s Return to Sender to Joshren
tri female Hawkfield’s Poison Ivy League


Tailor made -litter, 12.01.2016 / rough collie

Ch Be Exclusive’s On a Winter Night – Ch Hawkfield’s Well Kept Secret

blm male Ch Hawkfield’s What’s It to You
tri male Hawkfield’s Where I Come From
blm female Hawkfield’s Makes Me Wonder
tri female Hawkfield’s This Is Me


Money -litter, 12.07.2015 / rough collie

(AI using chilled semen)

Ch Shep’s Heaven Send Millwill’s Another Kiss

tri female Hawkfield’s Made of Money


 Hill -litter, 12.07.2014 / rough collie

Moonraider’s Dark and Handsome – Ch Hawkfield’s Well Kept Secret


tri male Hawkfield’s Take Me As I Am
blm female Ch Hawkfield’s It Matters to Me


Broadway -litter, 01.07.2010 / rough collie

Ch Houm Tet-a-Tet MaradonaShep’s You Are So Precious


blm male Hawkfield’s Must Have Been High
blm female Hawkfield’s Gotta Go My Own Way
blm female Hawkfield’s This Nearly Was Mine


Frozen -litter, 14.07.2009 / rough collie

(AI using frozen semen)

Joshren Ole King ColeShep’s You Are So Precious


blm female Hawkfield’s Lessons Learned
blm female Ch Hawkfield’s Well Kept Secret


Spayside -litter, 16.10.2006 / WHWT

Ch White Villan MusketeerHawkfield’s Dalwhinnie


white female Hawkfield’s Dailuaine


Sinatra -litter, 14.07.2003 / rough collie

Ch HawkEire’s Spirit O’BarksdaleCh Downmoore Flame of Fame


blm female Hawkfield’s Little White Lies


Malt-litter, 15.03.2002 / WHWT

Ch Donut’s Captain CarlosMer-Las Natural Lady


white dog Hawkfield´s Knockando
white female Hawkfield’s Clynelish
white female Hawkfield’s Dalwhinnie
white female Hawkfield’s Glenfiddich
white female Hawkfield’s Laphroaig